Success Stories

Testimonials from Clients ...

We recently did business with Lori and Jim at my placemat ads, and only have the highest praise for their professionalism and knowledge in the advertising field. Every business owner should know that they are a trust worthy organization and deliver on their promises of helping the small business on multiple levels.

Harris M. Simkovitz, BCE
General Agent


Our experience with G & L advertising has been remarkable. As a dental office offering many cosmetics services in such a competitive area, choosing advertising that will get results is key.

Placemat advertising has been a great investment for has paid for itself 10 times over!

I can't tell you how many calls I have gotten from patient's who are literally eating at the diner and make the call to schedule an appointment. The moment hits them and they realize this is something they have been putting off for far, too long. In fact they can only chew on one side and want to come over today! We have acquired several new patients and are changing smiles daily with the Lumineers, Invisalign and Deep Bleaching services that we advertise. I can't think of a business that would not benefit from this kind of advertising. People will sometimes walk in with the placemat in their hand because there is an offer/coupon on it. You can count on G & L for reliable, honest service....that really does pay for itself.

Beth Walsh
Office Manager
Drs. Barbara and Howard Neilson
Havertown, PA

G and L Advertising has been an excellent resource to allow our business to grow and prosper.

Our business first placed an ad with G&L a year ago and we have received many favorable responses! We have booked appointments from new clients who read our advertisements on the G&L placements located in several diners throughout the tri-state area.

G &L place mat advertising offers your business a unique opportunity to place an ad which reaches out to the public and is effective and affordable.

Thank you again both Lori and Jim!


"Placemat advertising is the most cost-effective means of getting your name in front of people. To gain access to a captive audience of thousands for mere pennies per day is a "no-brainer" and likely
represents my best return on investment for branding and prospect

Scott Sileo-Agency Owner
The Sileo Agency LLC
Williamstown NJ

G AND L ADVERTISING has been running a placemat ad for us in the Crystal Lake Diner for over 10 years now. We have always felt G and L is head and shoulders above the rest with professionalism, customer service and people skills. Our ad is always producing positive results. The representative who oversees the ad also has recently become a consistent customer of our auto service. We have the utmost respect for G and L Advertising as a company who is honest, extremely reputable respectful of our needs. In 10 years of business, they have only raised the price of our ad once and we are consistently reminded of the discount we still receive for the placemat ad. On the whole, I would recommend G and L to anybody who wants to grow their business and be in front of a captive audience in a centrally located diner.

Matt Fanelle
Fanelle's Auto Repair
Collingswood, N.J.

I wanted to let you know that we have been very pleased with the results from our first ad at the Blue Fountain. Our object a SCORE was to inform the public of our free business counseling and also to attract potential new members with the expertise to help counsel new small businesses or individuals planning on going into business. Our return on investment has been superb! You have all provided the service that you promised and delivered the exposure that we desired. I will be forwarding your information to a number of other SCORE chapters in the area for their consideration.

David Rogers
Chapter Chair
SCORE Chapter 570

G & L Advertising is a very honest company. They have always been willing to be very helpful, offering new & refreshing ideas for my many placemat ads. Through the years, I have experienced a steady increase in RESULTS from placing ads with this company. The company is always organized, they have all their DUCKS in order. They are very friendly and courteous working around MY schedule. Jim is very attentive to this. When G & L arrives at my place of business, Jim is always happy to see me. Again, the results we have received have been very good and the name recognition the advertisements provide us with is very invaluable. I would recommend G & L Advertising to anyone.

Cindy DuMire
Dumire Electric
Perkasie, PA

Dear Readers,

If you are looking to market your business on a nearby restaurant placemat, you've come to the right place. G & l Advertising is a great company to choose for your placemat advertising. Not only are they reliable, they are also well organized, very friendly and easy to work with and they will call you when it is time to renew! And for your convenience, G & L will travel to see you to help you put your ad together. Bowers Rehab has been advertising on their placemats for several years now and we appreciate all that G & L has done for us. G & L did a great job with our ad and we know people see it when they dine out.

Thanks G & L,

Marnie Lewis
Bowers Rehabilitation

Dear G&L Advertising:

I am just sending you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your service. Everyone there has been prompt, professional and curteous. The ad you created for me is really great. We are in three local diners right now! We saw results right away. I am able to track the coupons that are brought in. The jobs that we have retained have more than paid for our ads!

Sherri Underland

Cottman Transmission

Levittown, PA

To Whom It May Concern:

We put an advertisement for Dogs on the Farm on the placemat of the Middletown Diner through G and L Advertisement. Dogs on the Farm offers boarding, doggie daycare, grooming, and training services on our 5.5 acre farm in Central New Jersey. Although we receive clients from all over the county (and state), one of our main clientele bases is Middletown.

We were considering several advertising opportunities, but decided on a placemat ad based on its reasonable cost, high visibility, and length of time it would appear.
Because of the ad we have received at least 4 new clients (that we know of). We have already easily made back the price of the ad with just these 4 new clients, and since we believe that these clients will continue to use Dogs on the Farm in the future, we will continue to profit for years to come.

G and L Advertisment was always courteous, fair, and fast. We were very satisfied with their customer service or the quality of the advertisement produced.


Jason Leipzig

The purpose of advertising is "name recognition." It's a way to let people know that you are "out there". Advertising on placemats is a great(low cost/ high volume) way of doing just that. It is the share repetition of seeing your name that causes people to store and remember you for that one day that they actually need your services.

After one run, I didn't get many calls, but I have had people telling me that they notice my ad and thought it was professional. I am now starting to get more consistent calls. I usually get calls from people who are still in the diner having their meal. As with any form of advertising, you have to give it time. One call pays for the ad. It is well worth the long-term investment.

I will continue to run my ad and use G & L Advertising as my advertiser. G & L has helped me continue my quest for "name recognition." I am glad that I discovered G & L. They have been accommodating and professional!

Mike Russo


Bear Necessities is a consignment shop boasting over 30 crafters and artisans. Each crafter/artisan creates, by hand, their unique items to sell in our shop. We placed an ad on a placemat with G & L Advertising in December 2005. The ad layout was in the form of a coupon and was focused to encourage customers to visit through the use of that coupon. (If a customer brought in the coupon they would receive a free gift). The largest response to the coupon occurred in March 2006. We found that this style ad provided a good method to help track customers and how they found out about our business. In April 2006 we will place a second ad with G & L Advertising, and look forward to a favorable response.
Thank you G & L for your honesty and good service.

Bear Necessities
"Not Just Bears"
Desiree Bleam, Owner

We've been doing quality business with G & L now for over 5 years.

G & L is the tops. We always have changes on our ad, since we've been expanding into other locations in our business.

G & L always goes the extra mile in customer service to provide efficiency and accuracy in every single ad we've ever placed. I haven't seen this kind of "rare" dedication in too many other people. I would recommend G & L's quality people to anyone.

I really don't know how they do it either since they have basically a few people in charge. Again, this company is worth your while.


Del Val Pools & Spas of Turnersville, N.J.


G & L Advertising is the most honest, reputable company in the industry. They are head and shoulders above the rest. They go the extra mile in customer service and efficiency. I advertise on two different diners with very good results.

Theresa Ormsby

Ormsby's Lawn Equipment
Williamstown, N.J.

The New Egypt Flea Market Village and Auction is now in its forty-sixth year. For many years we have found placemat advertising effective and affordable. When we eat out we always study placemats and observe that others do so too. G & L Advertising has given us excellent service. We intend to continue with them and are pleased to recommend them.

Sandra & Esler Heller
Owners & Managers

We've had terrific success with our placemat advertising at Short Hills Deli in Cherry Hill.

Within a couple weeks of going on the placemats we had a parent come in who had just ordered her food, said she only had a few minutes as her family waited for their food and ended up signing up her son for tutoring. That child has stayed with us for 8 months. They live on the other side of Cherry Hill and had never heard of our place and would not have known about us if it hadn't been fir the placemat.

We've also had two people call from their tables to set up appointments and both of them signed up for tutoring, one of which is still with us after 9 months.

These are just a few of the 8-10 people that have signed up for tutoring after mentioning the placemat ad, making it very worthwhile investment for our business.

Joy & Alan Cohen
Directors, Tutoring Club of Cherry Hill

I have been advertising with G & L Advertising placemats for 5 years now. It gives my business name recognition in two ways- not only with potential new customers, but with past/repeat customers as well. When I see a customer from the past and they say "I saw your ad in a certain diner the other night and said to my friends "hey- that's my auto body guy." So this gives them a kind of validation that they can recommend me to friends and family.- and for me it results in a feeling of pride in my company.


John J. White
White's Auto Body
Woodbury, N.J.

I go on about 16 placemats with G & L. I have a business that goes all over so I especially appreciate G & L Advertising's willingness to meet me whereever I plan on working on a particular day. I may be 3 places in one day installing stair lifts. I have found G & L Advertising to be head and shouldres above the rest and extremely attentive to my needs. Jim pays particular attention to my ad whereas I have 2 different phone numbers I use on my ads based on what state I advertise in, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. The results have been very good in some diners. All in all, a very positive experience dealing with Jim & Lori.

Ron Clayton
All-Star Lifts

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your great service in regard to the ad I run in the Vegas Diner placemats. As you know, sometimes I can be a bit dilatory and I just wanted to thank you for your patience.

Sincerely, Vincent Simone
Wildwood, N.J.

I've been doing business with G&L Advertising since I bought my business and have seen nothing but great results from my placemat ads. They treat you with great respect and are professionals. My account representaive James Volpi is always trying to bring me more business and is very helpful with any suggestions. If you are thinking about advertising on placemats I would do it are losing money!


Ed Toto
Splish Splash Carwash & Detail Center
Westville, N.J.


I recently purchased an ad at a local diner with G & L Advertising. When I purchased the ad, I remembered how I had had a very negative experience prior to doing business with G & L. Although this was true, I decided to give G & L a chance. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. G & L is an extremely honest and reputable company. My ad was done professionally. The representative was patient with me and agreed to add something to my ad at prooftime. In summary, I would recommend G & L Advertising to anybody who would like their "FAITH" renewed in advertising.

Thanks again,

Monica Moran Olsen
Weichert Realtors Hoey Agency
Wildwood, N.J.

G & L Advertising - is the BEST company in the business. They are an extremely honest, reputable and professional company. They go the extra mile to accomodate their clients needs from showing tremendous fairness in their prices to showing tactful speed and efficiency with the placing of my advertisement. The people at G & L Advertising make a big difference. The salespeople are always courteous, patient and extremely happy. This is definetely the most pleasant and enriching advertising experience I have ever been a part of. Also, my advertisement produces excellent RESULTS. For me, RESULTS is what matters and G & L Advertising gets a solid A+ in all areas.

Dan Robbins
Rita's Water Ice
Brooklawn, N.J.

Jim-- last month a client was on his way to another Allstate for new biz. On the way he stopped to eat lunch and saw my placemat ad and discovered our office was very close to his house. He came in and we wrote four policies...Thanks..

Larry S Lerman, CMFC,CLTC
Exclusive Agent
Allstate New Jersey Insurance Co


Having our church advertised on the placemat of our local diner has been a great way to get our name out in the community. Visitors to our church often cite the diner placemat as one of the first places that they heard about our church. G & L has provided efficient service and has made advertising to a large segment of our community simple and efficient.

It was good to see James last week.

Have a great week,

Ed Cyzewski
Administrative Assistant
Living Hope Community Church
Dublin, P.A.

Just a quick note to thank you for the great results we've been getting with our placemat ads. As a small concern and only 3 years in busniness, we have had a difficult time finding vehicles that both work and are affordable. This has been cost effective and effective.
Again "Thank You"

Lee & Rhea Dorfman
Mattress Depot & Furniture, Inc.
Somerdale, N.J.

G & L Advertising is a very structured and hard-working company. They are extremely efficient. James and Lori work hard to give their customers 100% satisfaction. I have received strong results from a recent ad placed with G & L. Based on these results, I will continue to place ads in the future!!!

The Pro Computer Service, L.L.C.
Medford, N.J.

We continue to receive visitors to our church as a result of our placemat ads at the local diner. This is a great evangelism tool for our congregation. The church has limited funds for advertising but we have found this to be a worthwhile investment.

Thank You,

Pastor Polly Standley, Zion Lutheran Church, Egg Harbor City, NJ

G & L Advertising is a step above the rest. We are very pleased with your product, service and professionalism. We are proud to be your customer and we recommend your company to all our business acquaintances. With G & L we know our advertising dollars are well spent!

Yesterday's Past Antique Co-op
Ralph A. Paxton

Dear Jim,

For several years we have been using placemat advertising in a few diners in the area. We have had a 30% closing rate, and an almost $33,500 gross profit on $1,800 investment. One of our biggest jobs of the year came from our ad at one of the dinners. The numbers are easy to comprehend when you think that people go to eat, and there is ALWAYS a period of time where they are going to be a very captive audience, and have nothing better to look at than your ad in front of them. There is also no competition on the placemats, unlike the phone book. We actually have a higher profit return on the Placemats vs. Yellow Pages.

It is always a smart thing to track all of your advertising dollars, and we have found that our dollars are well spent with placemat ads. We have 2 different companies that we advertise with them, Dry Guys Waterproofing, and Gattuso Construction, Inc Sunrooms, so it is important that we get things done right the first time. The crew at G+L has been great to work with. They are on top of things and make sure that they get things done right the first time. I do admit that this will not work for every business, nor at every dinner, but it is definitely worth trying.

Desiree' Gattuso
Gattuso Construction, Inc + Dry Guys Waterproofing

Our company has had a growing relationship with G & L Advertising for quite a while now. G & L Advertising has always been very honest and professional in their business dealings. The exercise great patience when dealing with customers. My ad is always displayed prominently, promptly and effectively in our particular advertising location in South Jersey. G & L Advertising is by far the "BEST"!!

Rita's Water Ice

Jim, We have advertised for the past 3 years with G & L. The placemats definetely get your name out there. We receive a couple of phone calls per month referring to the ad.

Nancy D. Scelso
Vice President
GPS Plumbing Inc.

The service and professional of G & L Advertising has been excellent. Advertising is about results and the ads we have placed with G & L have provided the BEST results we have experienced!!

Earl & Patty Robinson, Owners, Rudy's Mart, Dublin, P.A.

We have been working with Lori & Jim for nearly 9 years in 8 different diners and are very pleased with the results.

It is difficult to find an effective advertising medium to reach the folks who need to know about our services.

We have had several people contact us because they remembered seeing one of our placemat ads.

We appreciate G & L for the opportunity to advertise our services in the Burlington-Camden County area.

Lowell T. Patterson
ABBA Pregnancy Center
ABBA House Maternity Home
Palmyra, N.J.

Hi Lori,

I had to write this letter to tell you how happy I am with the response I have received from placing ads on your placemats. Our ad paid for itself the very first week.
G & L Advertising is an asset to the advertising industry.
Thanks for everything.

Vince DiTanna
New Jersey Center for Clinical Hypnotherapy
Mount Holly, N.J.

To: G & L Advertising

From: Donna Snider/Blue Flame Gas Service, Perkasie, P.A.

We have been using your service for approximately one and a half years and have had good success in reaching the local public by advertising on your placemats in local restaurants.

Keep up the good work!


As first time advertisers on area placemats, we were not sure what to expect. The ads have paid for themselves by reaching visitors from a larger area and bringing these visitors to the museum. When someone forgets the placemat and calls the restaurant and has them read the information to them, your ad is working. We had it happen. The staff at G & L was very courteous, professional and helpful and our ad looked EXACTLY the way we wanted it to the first time we saw a proof.

Evelyn Waters
Air Victory Museum
Lumberton, N.J. 08048

Joe Duvak Painting
111 Spruce St.
Turnersville, N.J. 08012

G & L Advertising is willing to go out of their way to meet me at MY convenience. Jim (their rep) goes out of his way to meet me between N.J. and P.A. Jim is extremely knowledgeable. Lori is extremely helpful and goes out of her way to help me with my business. She lets you know what diners are available for your business and when they are available. She too is extremely knowledgeable and competent. G & L Advertising is the BEST in the business. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! They give you 100%+. I will continue to do business with them. Our business relationship will last a long time.

G and L Advertising has helped me grow my business in the Cherry Hill area. The people at G and L are extremely honest and easy to work with.

Barry Necowitz
Casino Parties, Inc., Cherry Hill, N.J.

G and L Advertising is an extremely honest company. I just love the people at G and L. I have always enjoyed their professionalism and extreme willingness to listen. I would recommend their services to any business looking to expand their client base through advertising.

Patricia Ham
The Arc of Gloucester County, Woodbury, N.J.

I have had an affiliation with G and L Advertising for several years now. From the very beginning, G and L presented itself in a very positive and professional manner. They are extremely efficient and a very honest company. They are the "BEST" company out there for placemat ads.

Sincerely, Linda Trackside Treasures Berlin, NJ

G and L Adevertising is the "BEST"!!! They are an extremely honest, very reputable company. They will go the extra "mile" for you. They provide an outstanding service to each and every customer. Their focus is on helping each and every business to grow. They take pride in my 100% customer satisfaction. The gentleman who comes out to service me is very polite and very professional. Placemat advertising works and it brings my business many patients. They are definetely a step above any other placemat company in the market. They never allow any of their 43 diners to run out of placemats.

Sincerely Yours,

Donna Sweeney, Dentist Mullica hill, NJ

Rosebud Doll Hospital needed to reach out to new areas to make my services known. G and L made this possible. They took the time to explore several possibilities that met my needs. The ad looked very attractive and was noticed by the clientele on the diner placemat. To be successful, one must get the word out to the public, especially when your business is for a limited audience. I will continue with this high profile area of advertising and the wonderful service of the G and L staff.

Estelle Weinberg
Rose Bud Doll Hospital
Vineland, N.J.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have owned my shop for almost three years and have tried many different types of advertising. Due to the great reputation of G & L Advertising I decided to try a few ads with their company.

G & L Advertising ads have shown the best response since any other ads that I have placed. G & L Advertising is the best company we have dealt with thus far. Due to their honesty and great prices I would always recommend them first.

Lorraine Kelly
Kelly's A Touch of Ireland - Pitman, NJ

Attention Lori:
As you already know it has been and continues to be a pleasure in doing business with you. Your company is a true asset to our business.

G & L Advertising provides my company with a reasonably priced, professionally done advertisement that reaches a large area. We have reached a lot of new customers that had not heard of us prior to seeing our ad on a placemat. Lori and her staff are always pleasant and helpful and go out of their way to make our advertising dollars count. I know our relationship with G & L will continue for many years to come.

Susan Zimm
Eagle Eye Indoor Range - Thorofare, NJ

After seeing the benefit of advertising on one placemat, we started advertising on all 42 of G & L placemats. When the advertisement pays for itself 10 times over, it’s a no brainer.

D. Bicking
Champion Canopies– Thorofare, NJ

Our ad paid for itself. We booked several appointments from people who saw our ad in one of your participating diners. The coupon brought in a lot of new customers.

Vikki Iasparro
Bark Ave. Dog and Cat Grooming - Leonardo, NJ

I have found advertising on restaurant placemats to be a great media source. G & L Advertising runs a fair and professional service that has brought me many referrals to our business in Cape May.

Barb Howner
Rainbow Glassworks- Cape May, NJ

Placemat Ads have helped me grow my business! Clients actually look for my ad! Being associated with a pleasant atmosphere in their favorite diner; clients naturally think of me for their Real Estate needs. I am pleased with the results of my placemat advertising!

Michelle Arnold
Century 21 Alliance - Moorestown, NJ

Advertising on the placemats has been very beneficial to our business. We have received great response and because of that response, the ads are paying for themselves and when that happens you know its working and it’s a good thing!!! It’s been a pleasure advertising with G & L Advertising. They are extremely reputable, honest and efficient. Customer Satisfaction is their # 1 priority.

Geri Cheeseman
C & H Disposal Service - Elmer, NJ

It has been a pleasure advertising with G & L Advertising. They are head and shoulders above the competition. They are extremely honest, reputable and a hard working company.
Anthony Morda – Realtor - Mickelton, NJ
Tremont Realty, Inc.

Placemat advertising has been a true asset to my business. G & L Advertising is the most honest, reputable and up-front company in the business. The sales people are friendly and helpful.

Joe Marche
Business Owner – Oaklyn, NJ